Hey! I’m Ted. I’ve been building content websites since 2015; they are then monetised with a mixture of affiliate, lead generation and display ads. I do start websites on fresh domains sometimes but since 2017/18, I’ve been leveraging expired/aged domains instead.

Since I started in SEO I’ve analysed thousands of different sites, so I’ve created this newsletter to share my analysis of content websites I come across in greater detail. This will touch of various different things; whether they’re using expired domains, their link-building strategy, overall growth & pretty much anything else that stands out.

Most of the time I’ll be looking at these websites using Ahrefs and/or Semrush - I’ll try to range from super basic stuff to more advanced tactics too. If there’s anything you don’t get, disagree with or are just curious about, then definitely feel free message me or comment.

I may also touch on content marketing, paid ads & other bits every now & then - I will try my best to make sure that it’s all useful to at least some subscribers (and if you do unsubscribe eventually then no hard feelings!). Thanks 😀


Ted French
SEO, Affiliate & Content Marketing. Building content sites since 2015; I buy old websites & revive them for a living 📈